The Internet Is Rigged

It was the inherent beauty of the web. I had access to the same tools and the same publish button as any big time brand. As an indie player, this was incredibly powerful, and in many ways, that leveling of the creative playing field was what got so many of us so excited about this joint in the first place. » 3/11/15 1:33pm 3/11/15 1:33pm

They Know You’re Reading This

I was recently complaining to a teller at my bank that the another bank down the street had given my 3 year-old daughter a stuffed horse for nothing more than walking past the front door. I jokingly asked her what gifts my own bank would be willing to offer to compete for the affections of my daughter. Then I said,… » 2/09/12 1:40pm 2/09/12 1:40pm

Brain-dead Simple Delivereads Beams Compelling Content to Your Kindle…

Gizmodo friend Dave Pell wrote us today with a cool new project called Delivereads. More than a play on words, this project will deliver (get it?) daily curated content to your Kindle with almost zero effort. » 5/14/11 1:00pm 5/14/11 1:00pm

Is the Internet God?

How could god let this happen? I am the Jewish child of Holocaust survivors, so that is a question that I have heard asked throughout my life. Everyone from the most revered religious leaders to George Burns playing the title character in Oh God, Book 2, has tackled that enquiry. » 2/11/11 3:40pm 2/11/11 3:40pm

Discovering the Maximum Velocity of Twitter

As a kid at my local county fair, I used to ride a roller coaster that rumbled around a circular track as songs like Foreigner's Urgent blasted through a set of giant speakers. » 1/13/11 12:40pm 1/13/11 12:40pm

Offline Shopping is Alive and Trampling

Sixteen years since Amazon launched. Well into an era when we can buy anything with a click. Why are there still Black Friday headlines about shoppers trampled in a mad effort to get their mitts on the latest offline deal? » 12/04/10 3:00pm 12/04/10 3:00pm

I Can’t Keep It In My Pants

On the day of the San Francisco Giants World Series parade, I headed to the corner of California and Montgomery where I was sure I had a good vantage to watch the players roll by in their rubber-wheeled cable cars. » 11/19/10 10:00am 11/19/10 10:00am

I Just Retweeted a Kidney

The last place I imagined being was in an operating room following the minute-by-minute highlights of the significant kidney surgery being performed on Brian's dad. » 10/05/10 12:00pm 10/05/10 12:00pm