David Pogue's Awesome Marriage Proposal Was Worth a Movie

New York Time tech writer and nicked-iPhone-victim David Pogue is going to get married again. His proposal was simply amazing: He made a fake movie trailer with "a thinly veiled version" of the love story between him and his girlfriend. He then "persuaded the movie theater at a summer resort to play it before a movie," in … » 8/16/12 6:50pm 8/16/12 6:50pm

Scandal-Plagued Tech Columnist's Latest Problem: His Publicist…

New York Times gadget guru David Pogue hit the tech scandal sheets this month when he was arrested for a domestic disturbance in which he allegedly hit his wife with an iPhone. Now, we learn he's dating an executive at a PR firm that represents companies that Pogue writes about all the time. » 5/27/11 2:20pm 5/27/11 2:20pm

New York Times Tech Columnist Allegedly Hit Wife with an iPhone

Here's an account of the violent domestic dispute that ended with New York Times technology columnist David Pogue and his wife booked for disorderly conduct in their hometown of Westport, Connecticut. It includes a detail that casts Pogue's reputation as an expert users of gadgets in an unfortunate light: » 5/20/11 1:38pm 5/20/11 1:38pm

Pogue Says Panasonic's Pseudo-SLR GH1 Makes a Great HD Camcorder

Hopefully things are cloudiest before they clear up: Nobody buys real camcorders anymore, entry-level DSLRs are all about HD video, and NYT's David Pogue picks Panasonic's Lumix GH1 as the current 1080p shooting champ. » 4/29/09 11:00pm 4/29/09 11:00pm

OK People, It Might Be Time to Lay Off the BlackBerry Storm Hate

Sure, lots of important people weren't too impressed with the Storm. But this slippy, Freudian Google News headline sums up the unbridled hate towards the handset much better than it does the article. Much. » 12/30/08 5:40am 12/30/08 5:40am

The One Thing David Pogue and Unlimited Lives in Contra Have in Common

The Konami code is a secret branding, a geek stigmata—all it takes is that one brief flash, and you're immediately recognized as one of US. Is it any surprise then, that if you enter that hallowed sequence on DP's new Pogue-o-Matic gadget finder, you get to watch him do a special trick? » 12/02/08 3:15pm 12/02/08 3:15pm

Stephen Fry Slams the BlackBerry Storm

We have a soft spot for genius comedian-actor-writer-gadget-juggler Stephen Fry » 11/27/08 11:19pm 11/27/08 11:19pm here at the Giz. He speaks things as he sees them, as an end user, with his usual wit. Lately he has been playing with a BlackBerry Storm and, like , he thinks that it's no you-know-who killer. In fact, he completely smashes it in his…

NY Times' Pogue-O-Matic Guides Your Gadget Shopping, Sets My Heart…

Maybe it's because I have the hugest crush on David Pogue of the New York Times, but I find his recently released product finder guide, the Pogue-O-matic, absolutely adorable... and useful too! The Pogue-O-Matic is divided into four parts: cameras, camcorders, smartphones and televisions. If you were planning on… » 11/19/08 2:30am 11/19/08 2:30am