Day Against DRM: Download Some Legal, No-DRM songs

In honor of the Day Against DRM, or Dia Contra Los DRMos, here are some free tunes and videos you can download courtesy of BandDot. We've never actually heard of any of these bands before, but maybe some readers have. » 10/03/06 9:30pm 10/03/06 9:30pm

Day Against DRM: Tomorrow, October 3

It's not too late to plan for the Day Against DRM, which happens to be tomorrow, October 3. There's been a groundswell of support for the protest against Digital Rights Management, with more than 200 projects and actions planned for the day. » 10/02/06 10:21am 10/02/06 10:21am

DRM Smackdown Day is October 3. You In?

It's time for us to rise up against that devil, digital rights management (DRM), which is crippling content from sea to shining sea in the name of anti-piracy. Anti-DRM crusaders Defective by Design have designated Tuesday, October 3 to be the Day Against DRM. They're asking everyone to submit ideas about how to raise… » 9/01/06 12:48pm 9/01/06 12:48pm