How Badly Does Daylight Saving Screw You Up?

If you're in North America, tonight is that horrid night when you lose a perfectly good hour of sleep through no fault of your own. Yes, at 2AM Eastern time, responsible clock owners are all supposed to move the little hand ahead one hour. Does this time travel ever screw you up? » 3/08/14 5:33pm 3/08/14 5:33pm

Daylight Saving Failures: World Over?

With Daylight Saving time moved up a few weeks, there were rumors of a Y2Kx2-like end of the world scenario. I woke up this morning (forgetting that I got started an hour late), and while it seems like everything in the world is normal at first glance, I'm fairly certain that we are all suffering from post-blast… » 3/11/07 12:13pm 3/11/07 12:13pm