The Tim Burton-Era Batmobile Is the Best iPhone 6 Case

If you've succumbed to the lure of the monstrous iPhone 6, you've already decided that a compact, pocket-friendly smartphone isn't for you. So when it comes to protecting your giant investment, why not just go all out and wrap it in this impressive case that's a near perfect replica of the Batmobile from Tim Burton's… » 1/30/15 9:23am 1/30/15 9:23am

Adorable Justice League Watches Grant You the Power of Punctuality

Unless being late to a dinner date is a felony, Nooka's new line of DC Comics-themed watches won't give you any crime-fighting powers. What they will give you is the ability to show off your allegiance to one of five different DC universe characters including Superman, The Flash, Batman, The Green Lantern, and Wonder… » 4/10/14 11:20am 4/10/14 11:20am

Metropolis: The Real-Life Town That Superman Couldn't Save

Until the 1970s, the tiny southern Illinois town of Metropolis had two claims to fame: The long-demolished fort George Washington had founded nearby, and the Uranium Hexafluoride Processing Facility, which employed hundreds of its citizens. But in June 1972, the Illinois House of Representatives and DC Comics gave… » 8/22/13 12:24pm 8/22/13 12:24pm

Here’s How the Video Game Comics of the Future Will Probably Look

I have a little guilt over it but I’m doing most of my comics reading on an iPad nowadays. While the convenience is great and the work can look better on the screen than in print, it’s a little weird that comics are still so static on smart devices. Comics legend Jim Lee thinks so too and, as co-publisher of DC… » 6/06/13 5:18pm 6/06/13 5:18pm

DC Just Announced Plans For Choose Your Own Adventure Style Digital…

When the big two introduced motion comics a few years back, everyone had a good laugh at how terrible they were. They were difficult to read, watch and, generally, sucked all-around. Tonight in New York, DC is fixing all that and taking it a step further with DC2 (aka Dynamic Content) and DC2 Multiverse technology… » 6/04/13 6:42pm 6/04/13 6:42pm

DC's Incredible Man of Steel Statuettes Look Like They Walked Straight…

Superman is coming, and this summer he's going to be tearing it up, kicking ass, and taking names on the big screen. For the meantime, though, we're stuck with slightly smaller versions of the Man of Steel and his posse. But damned if they aren't pretty. » 2/11/13 5:20pm 2/11/13 5:20pm

First Full-Length Man of Steel Trailer: Superman's Never Looked So…

Finally! Since the first teaser dropped this past July, this is what comic book fans and move buffs have been waiting for. The first full-length trailer for Zach Snyder's reimagining of Superman, Man of Steel, just went live and it looks pretty good. » 12/11/12 12:30pm 12/11/12 12:30pm

You Can Now Read DC Comics on Nook

Previously, DC Comics has had an exclusive deal with Amazon, which meant that any Nook users were left out in the cold. From today, that's no longer the case. » 6/27/12 4:09am 6/27/12 4:09am

Caped Pint Glasses Will Only Add To Your Drunken Delusions of Being a…

You know that feeling you get when you drink? The one that makes you think you could take on Superman, Batman, the Hulk, Iron Man and Wolverine all at the same time? It's just an illusion. And one that's definitely not helped with these official DC Comics caped pint glasses. » 6/02/12 7:30pm 6/02/12 7:30pm

DC's New Website Will Have a Bunch of Exclusive Before Watchmen Content

Digital comics are one of the most embraced parts of print publishing going digital, but for whatever reason, comic book publisher websites are consistent eyesores. DC's launching a new site to try to fix that, and it's going to bribe you to get there with exclusives on upcoming events like Before Watchmen, the… » 3/06/12 12:00pm 3/06/12 12:00pm

Superman and Young Justice Give Brainiac a Mini-Fig Beat Down

I'm not much of a DC Comics fan—Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern took care of that—but this meticulously-crafted model of an assault on the Daily Planet is just jaw-dropping. Check out the full image after the jump. » 11/15/11 11:20pm 11/15/11 11:20pm

Here Is the Check That Created Superman and Changed Comic Books Forever

Superman is as iconic a character as there is—the superhero is a part of American culture. But how was he really created? Like in real life? He was bought. And this is the check that DC used to create his legend. But why should we care? Well... » 10/26/11 5:40pm 10/26/11 5:40pm

Looks Like Batman Hired Puma to Make Him Some Sneakers

Apparently Bruce Wayne needed some shoes to go with his business-casual wardrobe. But when your business is being Batman, even "casual" has to be intense. » 7/30/11 12:40pm 7/30/11 12:40pm

Awesome Official 1966 Batmobile Replicas Now for Sale

I can't believe DC has officially licensed the 1966 Batmobile for real, full-scale car production. Not because it's not the right and awesome thing to do, but because I thought kitsch shininess and glam sexual innuendo didn't require any license. » 9/27/10 11:40pm 9/27/10 11:40pm

Steampunk Justice League Modded Action Figures

Inspired by the comic book, Gotham by Gaslight by Mike Mignola and Brian Augustyn (Batman vs. Jack the Ripper set in the late 19th century), the modder behind these action figures sought to place the members of the Justice League in the Victorian era. I think you will agree that he did one hell of a job. Hit the… » 1/10/08 5:30pm 1/10/08 5:30pm