Way More D&D on the Microsoft Surface

The last clip was a tease. But here we see lots more sample footage as some brave Carnegie Mellon students make D&D play on the Microsoft Surface. Don't you dare pretend you're too cool for this. [Surface Blog via Kotaku] » 12/17/09 9:40am 12/17/09 9:40am

Dungeons & Dragons on the Microsoft Surface

For thousands of years, none of us quite understood the point of the Surface. Then, a few Carnegie Mellon students armed with but blades and wits developed this D&D game, and they lightning bolted the naysayers away. [Microsoft via Kotaku] » 10/20/09 8:25am 10/20/09 8:25am

D&D Soda Is Really Your Parents' Shameful Tears, Bottled

You're walking through a dark cave, clutching your enchanted bow when you realize, CRAP, you're really just in the back of a comic shop with some friends. And you're thirsty. » 9/21/09 11:40am 9/21/09 11:40am

The Ancient Romans Were Gamers: 2nd Century Glass d20 Sold for $17,925

We can only guess what the ancient Romans might have thought about the latest revision of the Dungeons and Dragons rulebook (super approachable; they'd love it!), but we do know they were gamers. That's because an incredibly old, incredibly valuable Roman glass d20 was sold at auction by the famous Christie's auction… » 6/15/08 5:00pm 6/15/08 5:00pm

MIT Students Create Giant 20-Sided Die In Honor of Gary Gygax

I haven't played Dungeons and Dragons since I was a little kid, but I remember the time I spent geeking out with my friends fondly. So, when D&D co-creator Gary Gygax passed away earlier this month, I couldn't help but feel a little bummed. Apparently, a group of students at MIT felt the same way—which is why they… » 3/25/08 7:40pm 3/25/08 7:40pm

Dodecasub Is 6,000 Watts of Music to D&D Freaks

Ever wanted to play Dungeons & Dragons with your subwoofer? Too bad this Dodecasub (12-sided) doesn't meet the standard 20-sided tournament legal requirements, but you do get 10 separate speakers with 600 watts each—meaning you've got 6000 watts total. It's $2500, which is what your mom's electric bill is going to be… » 9/07/07 1:30pm 9/07/07 1:30pm

20-Sided Fuzzy Dice

Fuzzy die are no longer reserved for the rock and roll lifestyle. Latest to land over at the Thinkgeek store is this revised pair of the classic car accessory—the fuzzy 20-sided dice. Hang these on your rearview mirror and roll 0D20 for chance to pick up a hottie on the ride back to your mother's house. » 3/30/07 7:40pm 3/30/07 7:40pm

Projector Based Table Top Gaming

This is a high-tech solution for the traditionally low-tech table top gaming—whose death knell has been sounded again and again, falsely, since the rise of computer RPGs in the '90s. For projector based D&D, the Dungeon Master scans in adventure maps and separate what the players should see and what the DM should see… » 6/15/06 7:30am 6/15/06 7:30am

Dungeons & Dragons Laptop

We're not quite sure what the point of having a Dungeons & Dragons laptop is, considering that if you're the type of person who might want one, you're also most likely to be the type that never leaves their mom's basement. Oh but wait, through the magic of portable computing and WiFi, you can count your pieces of… » 4/27/06 10:10am 4/27/06 10:10am