This Bizarre High-Security Lock Is Every Drunk Person's Nightmare

While some people are trying to reinvent the lock by eliminating keys altogether, others solutions, like the XPUZMAG from Taiwan, are going in decidedly different direction—by taking a traditional lock-and-key mechanism and just making it a thousand times more complicated. Warning to the belligerent drunk about town:… »11/11/14 10:19am11/11/14 10:19am


Wireless RFID Deadbolt System: Unlock a Door with Your Cellphone

Using a Phidget RFID Kit, a Kwikset Powerbolt 1000, relays, a PC board, wire, and some basic software, a couple of guys managed to piece together a unique new wireless door locking system. RFID locks are nothing new, but this lock can be controlled via an RFID key fob, laptop or even a cellphone. As you will see,… »12/13/07 6:30pm12/13/07 6:30pm