Apple University: Like Hamburger U, But With iPods

With mountains of cash » 10/23/08 5:20am 10/23/08 5:20am on hand, Apple is broadening its horizons a little bit. The company is planning to start a creatively designated "Apple University," following in the corporate educational footsteps of the likes of McDonald's and Pixar. Though this will likely just be a training campus for Apple employees,…

Dean Kamen's Full Bionic Luke Arm Video from All Things D

Click to view » 9/12/08 6:37am 9/12/08 6:37amWe showed you some of the video from Dean Kamen's appearance at the All Things D: D6 conference back in and it included some demos of the amazing Luke Arm prosthetic limb. Now All Things D has made the three-part entire interview available, and it includes detailed explanations from Kamen about why he…

All Things D: Dean Kamen on His Mind-Controlled Cyborg "Luke" Arm

The inventor Dean Kamen is being interviewed at All Things D now. He's here to talk about his cyborg prosthetic "Luke arm". (It's named after Luke, yes, Skywalker.) Amazing. UPDATE: The full vid of Kamen's interview, including arm demonstration footage, is embedded below.

» 5/29/08 3:04pm 5/29/08 3:04pm