Turn Any Wall Into a Death Star With These Mix-and-Match Tiles

Tom Spina Designs has a long history of bringing wonderful Star Wars-inspired creations to life. We still wish we could have snatched up the Han Solo Carbonite desk the company created, and now we desperately want these brilliant sculpted modular tiles that make any surface look like you're up close and personal with… » 11/15/13 2:20pm 11/15/13 2:20pm

This is how you blow up a planet, according to Neil deGrasse Tyson

Hayden Planetarium Director and supreme astrophysics badass Neil deGrasse Tyson recently took to his podcast, Star Talk Radio, to answer a few questions from the audience as read by noted funnyman Eugene Mirman. And fortunately for us, Grand Moff Tyson decided to take the one about blowing up planets. » 11/01/13 1:38pm 11/01/13 1:38pm

Now Anyone Can Kick Around the Empire

Every once in a while you come across a piece of Star Wars merchandise and wonder how it took so long for Lucas' or Disney's giant merchandise-o-tron computer to make the connection. A Death Star soccer ball (football for our overseas readers, or inflatable kick bag for you non-sports types) seems so obvious you'd have … » 10/01/13 9:40am 10/01/13 9:40am

Was the Destruction of the Death Star an Inside Job?

Was there more to the climax of Star Wars: A New Hope than met the eye? According to the creators of Luke's Change: an Inside Job, a fantastically clever take on another documentary you're probably aware of, there certainly was. And come to think of it, some of the details of the whole thing were pretty convenient.… » 3/17/13 9:00pm 3/17/13 9:00pm

The Empire Responds to the White House's Rejection of the Death Star…

We're not getting a Death Star. The White House made that official. But what does the Galactic Empire think about Earth abandoning our Death Star project? Well, they think our "unimaginatively named planet" is filled with cowards! » 1/15/13 10:00pm 1/15/13 10:00pm

Of Course There's an Official White House Petition That Wants the US to …

In perhaps the best use of the White House's official "We the People" petition system (the most ridiculous would still be Texas' secession), a group of faceless signatures want the US to secure funding and resources in order to begin construction on a Death Star by 2016. Yes, a Death Star. » 12/04/12 2:00am 12/04/12 2:00am