Razer's New Gaming Mouse Has the World's Most Precise Optical Sensor

When you're on the hunt in a first-person shooter, the very tiniest fraction of a movement can mean the difference between nailing a shazam headshot and dying. That's why the new 2013 version of the Razer DeathAdder gaming mouse has a 6400 dpi optical sensor, compared to the 3500 dpi infrared sensor on its… » 11/20/12 12:19pm 11/20/12 12:19pm

Razer Death Adder Gaming Mouse for Mac (Wha? Mac Gamers?)

Sure, you might play a game or two on your cute little Mac, but that doesn't make you a gamer. (If you were, you'd have a PC.) If you're about to rear up and flame me, chill out, Razer has a new gaming mouse for just for you. The Death Adder is an 1800dpi righty with a 1ms response time. Say what you want about… » 4/29/08 3:20pm 4/29/08 3:20pm

Razer Unveils DeathAdder Mouse with 3G Infrared Sensor Technology

Razer has announced the DeathAdder, their new mouse that utilizes the highly touted 3G infrared sensor technology. » 12/01/06 11:57am 12/01/06 11:57am

Hrm, could be worth a shot, I guess. Although I'm wondering why Razer hasn't made the leap to laser mice. They have always been a couple years behind on technology—didn't they just ditch the mouseball a…