Car-Sized Hunk From Satellite Launch Found in the Amazon

» 4/30/14 9:54am 4/30/14 9:54am

Is This Mysterious Space-Splosion Creating Gravity in Real Life?

OK, by this point we all know Gravity was beautiful and terrifying and, mercifully, complete fiction. But scary clouds of space debris are real. There's one floating up there right now—a possible missile explosion—and it's a debris cloud of mystery. » 10/11/13 9:28am 10/11/13 9:28am

America: We Gon' Blow Up That Japanese Tsunami Ghost Ship!

Japanese problem: an abandoned shrimping boat is found adrift near Canada, displaced by last year's tsunami disaster. American solution: let's sink that motherfucker. » 4/05/12 12:20pm 4/05/12 12:20pm

This Japanese Ghost Ship Lost in the Tsunami Was Found Floating Near…

When the devastating earthquake and tsunami hit Japan last year, it created more than 22 million tons of debris—the size of California, pretty much. Included in that debris was this ghost ship, a 150-foot long squid-fishing boat that's just been found, a year after the tsunami, near the coast of Canada. » 3/26/12 6:00pm 3/26/12 6:00pm

Lockheed's Space Fence Prototype Starts Tracking Space Junk With…

Orbital debris is a large and growing problem, and no one is quite sure how to deal with it - polar lasers, nets and other concepts are still merely ideas. But we should at least monitor all that space trash, to be certain where it is and whether it's heading for something we want to protect, like the ISS or a… » 3/09/12 6:01am 3/09/12 6:01am

Track NASA's Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite As It Falls Back To…

Everyone mark your calendar as NASA's Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite may crash back to earth at the end of this week. The exact date and time is still TBD, but early estimates suggest Friday will be the big day. » 9/22/11 2:03am 9/22/11 2:03am

Five Different Oceans' Rubbish Were Used to Make These Electrolux…

Four months after boasting of vacuums made from recycled sea junk, Electrolux now has five colorful cleaners to show off. They're made from 70 per cent recycled plastics, with each cleaner's design representing the ocean the rubbish came from. » 10/26/10 10:50am 10/26/10 10:50am

Pensioners Attacked by Space Junk and/or Aliens

What weights four pounds, is made of metal, and crashes through roofs at supersonic speeds? If you are a retired couple living in West Hull, Britain, the Royal Air Force says that's a chunk of space junk. » 10/16/09 11:31am 10/16/09 11:31am

NASA Grounds Shuttle Fleet

NASA has grounded the shuttle fleet after several pieces of insulating foam fell from the fuel tank during launch. Engineers didn't expect it to fall from this area, according to shuttle program manager John Shannon: » 7/17/09 11:59am 7/17/09 11:59am

ISS and Discovery In Debris Collision Danger, NASA Thinking About…

I told you we needed lasers up there: The ISS is again in danger of colliding with the orbiting debris. And space shuttle Discovery is headed into it too. Cue in the Bruckheimer movie's soundtrack. » 3/16/09 4:11pm 3/16/09 4:11pm

Satellite Collision Could Doom the Hubble Telescope

It appears that the Hubble might end up as collateral damage from the recent collision between an Iridium and Russian satellite. Without another service mission, the Hubble may meet its end within a year or two. » 2/18/09 3:50pm 2/18/09 3:50pm

Space Is Full of Crap

The European Space Agency has just released images showing all the satellites and human-made debris now orbiting space as a result of 51 years of launching stuff since Sputnik. That's about 6,000 satellites up there—of which only 800 remain operational—plus thousands of other objects from launches and accidents.… » 4/11/08 11:40am 4/11/08 11:40am