Facebook Changes Its Mind Again: It's Now Re-Banning Decapitation Videos

After flipping to ban brutal, gruesome decapitation videos six months ago and then flopping to allow such videos to appear in the 'book yesterday, Facebook has flipped again (or is it re-flopped?) in less than 24 hours and will reinstate its previous ban on such decapitation videos. It's an ugly tug of war between… »10/22/13 7:08pm10/22/13 7:08pm


Surgical Strike Eliminates 75% of Spam Email Worldwide With Single ISP Shutdown

An office tower in downtown San Jose, California has long served as home to McColo-a hosting company whose servers in turn have quietly served as a conduit to a huge majority of the world's spam email, scam prescription drug markets and child porn sites. After investigations by the Washington Post's Security Fix blog »11/13/08 10:40am11/13/08 10:40am