RIAA Member Settles Suit After Defendant Proves She Did Even Not Own a…

RIAA member Universal Music Group was forced to settle a piracy suit it had brought against Mavis Roy after suffering a bit of a setback in their prosecution: Mavis Roy did not own a computer when UMG first brought suit. » 6/26/09 1:30am 6/26/09 1:30am

10 Gadgets That Help You Get Answers and Make Tough Decisions

The Thank Giz It's Friday roundup is all about fun, leisure and tools that you can use to make your life easier. And what would be better than having all of your questions and tough decisions answered for you? The key is to take your brain out of the equation and turn over the process to a combination of supernatural… » 8/01/08 6:00pm 8/01/08 6:00pm