Lightning Review: LG Decoy with Snap-On Bluetooth Earpiece

The Gadget: The LG Decoy, now available at Verizon Wireless, is the first US phone to include a Bluetooth earpiece that rides piggyback—and charges up—on the handset itself when you're not using it. » 7/08/08 1:15am 7/08/08 1:15am

Verizon Gets Rhapsody Subscriptions, DRM-Free Downloads

Verizon customers with certain VCAST phones have some new options for buying music, thanks to Rhapsody. First off, the $15 per month, all-the-songs-you-can-guzzle subscription service is offered on LG's Decoy and Dare, Moto's W755 and Samsung's SCH-u550, Glyde, and Juke, and will be available for the Chocolate 3 when… » 6/30/08 12:01am 6/30/08 12:01am

LG Decoy With Detachable Bluetooth Headset Priced at $180

The LG Decoy is out now on Verizon for $180 (after $50 rebate) with a two year contract. Not bad, considering it comes with a Bluetooth earpiece. Full release after the jump. [Verizon] » 6/16/08 10:17am 6/16/08 10:17am

LG's Touchscreen Dare, New Chocolate Fipper and Decoy with Piggy-Back…

Verizon Wireless is finally fessing up to three LG phones that it will be delivering to customers in June and July:

• The Dare, aka VX9700: This has a touchscreen but is slim thanks to the absence of a hidden keyboard (like on the bulkier Glyde and Voyager).

Chocolate 3: A phone we hadn't seen before, that ditches… » 6/11/08 10:04am 6/11/08 10:04am