Your iPad Smart Cover Could Switch Off a Pacemaker

The little magnets sure make the iPad's Smart Covers useful—but they could switch off pacemakers, too, if a new series of experiments is anything to go by. » 5/10/13 7:46am 5/10/13 7:46am

Light-Controlled Cells: The Sub-Dermal Dance Party That Keeps Your Dead…

Heart cells created by Stanford researchers could lead to a better pacemaker: The beat of the cells is paced by light rather than electricity. » 9/20/11 1:37pm 9/20/11 1:37pm

Making Toast, CLEAR!

If only this defibrillator toaster concept were real, I could scream, "I NEED 50 CCs of butter, stat," every morning without looking like a total lunatic. [Shay Carmon via Design Taxi via that's nerdalicious] » 7/28/10 11:00am 7/28/10 11:00am

LIFEPAK 15 Defibrillator: So Cool, You'll Forget You're Having a Heart…

When all that bacon and candy finally catches up to you, you will definitely want your paramedic shocking you back to life with the LIFEPAK 15 defibrillator. I mean, just look at it. » 3/31/09 1:20pm 3/31/09 1:20pm

Ambulance Worker Tries to Cook a Prawn on a Dying Man's Chin Using a…

John Jones, a paramedic working in the UK, was recently dismissed from his job after he placed a prawn (a crustacean similar to shrimp) on the chin of a dying man awaiting a jolt from a defibrillator and joked: "Let's see if we can cook this prawn." After the shock was administered he was heard to remark "360 joules… » 9/16/08 12:40pm 9/16/08 12:40pm

Medical Device Lets You Perform CPR on Trolls

Giving CPR only works when the person who's passed out is attractive. At least that's our motto. So for those times when you happen to see a troll passed out on the ground there's the Just-in-Time Support (JITS) device which lets you perform CPR without giving mouth. The device comes with a headrest, anesthesia mask,… » 10/18/06 6:00pm 10/18/06 6:00pm

Cellular Pacemaker: But What's the Coverage Area?

Pacemakers are a thing of the past with the Biotronik Lumos defibrillator implant. Next time your heart stops beating and you aren't near civilization, this implant will take charge and get your rhythm back on track. Connected via the cellular telephone network to your doctor or physician, you'll never feel isolated… » 8/31/05 9:40am 8/31/05 9:40am