What in God's Name Is Going On in This Batman v Superman Deleted Scene

Batman v Superman may have only just come out, but Warner Bros is already teasing the release of its R-rated home edition. They just posted this deleted scene to YouTube, and despite almost the entirety of the io9 staff having watched this movie over the weekend, none of us have a clue what’s going on. Spoilers ahead!

Here are 10 deleted Star Wars scenes that you probably never saw before

Some of these scenes were rightfully axed. Like Luke and Leia about to share a creepy intimate kiss before C-3P0 saves the day by interrupting them. Other scenes should have never been cut. Like the scene showing the Emperor demanding that the second Death Star be fired up to blow up the moon that Han and Leia were…

Watch two hours of deleted scenes from the original Star Wars Trilogy

If you're looking for two hours of deleted scenes and alternate footage from the original Star Wars Trilogy and hoping that they'd be masterfully edited together documentary-style, well, here you go. Garrett Gilchrist put together all this Star Wars footage you probably never seen before in Star Wars: Deleted Magic.