The best restaurant in the USA is a tiny shack in Hawaii

Were you expecting to see a Michelin Star restaurant? Something like Per Se? Certainly a restaurant where fine dining doesn't even begin to describe the orgasmic experience, right? Like Alinea? Nope. Those excellent restaurants—and others of their kind—are not the best restaurant in the USA according to Yelp. That… » 2/27/14 11:40pm 2/27/14 11:40pm

These sausages made with baby poop taste great and they're superhealthy

The cured pork meat and fat sausages above—a type of thin salchichón called fuet in Catalonia, Spain—are truly delicious, with a wonderfully intense umami flavor. They are also excellent for your health, as good as having a yogurt, because they are full of probiotics. Oh, they are also made with poop. Baby poop. » 2/24/14 10:31pm 2/24/14 10:31pm

Flashback: How Yahoo Killed Flickr and Lost the Internet

In the wake of Yahoo's $1.1 billion acquisition of beloved social platform Tumblr, it's perhaps worth looking back what the company did after it caught—and gutted—another big fish. » 5/20/13 9:32am 5/20/13 9:32am

Delicious Being Sold, Not Shut Down

The leaked internal Yahoo slide that said Delicious, my favorite bookmarks manager, was being shut down wasn't quite accurate. Delicious says that they're looking for an outside buyer to take them off Yahoo instead of closing down completely. » 12/17/10 2:09pm 12/17/10 2:09pm