Delkin Archival Gold Blu-Ray Discs Keep Your Data Good for Two Centuries

Manufacturers are powering up on their Blu-ray disc development, now the format war's over: just two weeks ago we had the 6x speed ones, and now Delkin has these archive-quality discs. According to Delkin they're the first BDs "guaranteed to preserve data safely for over 200 years" and they use some sort of patented… »6/29/08 8:00pm6/29/08 8:00pm

Delkin Devices Intros Two ExpressCard Flash Memory Readers

With PMA 2007 starting tomorrow, in the middle of all those DSLRs and such are companies dying to help you deal with all that digital data spewing out of those cameras. Case in point is Delkin Devices, which just rolled out the eFilm ExpressCard 34 6-in-1 one adapter (pictured at left) and the eFilm ExpressCard 54… »3/07/07 9:21am3/07/07 9:21am