The 27-inch Dell LCD Dilemma: Why it's Brilliant...But Too Pricey Today

Despite its undeniably large dimensions, by the stats, the Dell 27-inch LCD seemed like a flop to me. It has the same exact resolution of 1920 by 1200 that many 24-inch monitors have. Laughably, it is the same price as Dell's monster 30-inch monitor. CNet, the first ones out the gate with a review, gave it a middling… » 2/22/07 9:13pm 2/22/07 9:13pm

Dell Breaks Out Brushed Aluminum Design For its New 27-inch LCD

The Skinny Dell whipped up a new UltraSharp LCD for us to lust after at CES this morning. Measuring in at 27-inches, the 2707WFP has a WUXGA resolution along with a 92% color gamut, putting it right up there alongside the 3007WFP-HC. » 1/09/07 12:05pm 1/09/07 12:05pm