First Dell Adamo XPS Prototypes Had Multi-touch LCD TouchPads

Still drooling over yesterday's Adamo XPS pics? I am. But it could have been a very different machine. Early prototypes had LCD touchpads (similar to notebooks like Fujitsu's N7010 and Sharp's Mebius), and even a capacitive-touch keyboard. Take a look: » 11/06/09 8:40am 11/06/09 8:40am

Video: Dell Adamo XPS Can Only Be Opened By Rubbing It

The Dell Adamo XPS isn't only ridiculously thin, but it opens like no laptop ever seen before. Its propped up keyboard can only be opened by sliding a finger on the lid's heat sensing strip. See it to believe it... » 10/22/09 11:17am 10/22/09 11:17am