Dell E (aka Mini-Inspiron) Specs Uncovered, Actually Called Inspiron…

Zumo thinks they got a peak at the specs for Dell's first cheap mini-laptop on a recent trip to Dell's Texas facilities. They say that it'll be called the Inspiron Mini, contrary to previous reports it'll it's the Dell E. What's supposedly inside sounds reasonable, and what you'd expect out of a suitable Eee killer,… » 7/23/08 6:31pm 7/23/08 6:31pm

Dell's Mini Inspiron Laptop Named E and E Slim

That upcoming mini laptop from Dell that we got the scoop on last month at All Things D just got a name. Engadget's Dell source coughed up the info that the mini notebook will be called the Dell E, which is an 8.9-inch competitor to the similarly named Asus Eee. Then there's the E Slim, which is a 12.1-inch screen,… » 6/12/08 10:25pm 6/12/08 10:25pm