Inspiron Mini 12 Shows Up In Dell Support Pages, On Its Way Soon?

A 12-inch version of the Inspiron Mini, which sounds a lot like the still-not-available mystery product we saw at Tesco last month, has popped up on Dell's website, which could mean a very soon release date. The user manuals, troubleshooting documents and tech guides for the Inspiron Mini 12 were hidden in the… »10/15/08 11:54pm10/15/08 11:54pm

Dell's Budget But Decent Inspiron Line: Inspiron 13 Laptop and 518 Desktop

Bringing up the rear of tonight's new Dell extravaganza (and its three consumers lines) is some back-to-school Inspiron action, the main attraction being the Inspiron 13-it starts under $800 (Wal-Mart will sell a special $700 config), with a 13-inch "high definition display," touch controls, and a slot-loading DVD… »7/29/08 12:01am7/29/08 12:01am

Dell Eliminates Almost All Crapware From Dimension and Inspiron Notebooks

Dell's expanding their no crapware option from their high-end XPS systems to their entire Dimension desktop and Inspiron notebook line; meaning you're going to get the option at purchase time to opt-out of pre-installed trialware and shareware that slows down your computer considerably even when it's brand new. The… »9/24/07 2:15pm9/24/07 2:15pm