New Dell Latitude Biz Notebooks: As Light as 2.2 Pounds, Up to 19 Hours…

Dell is loosing seven-yes, seven-new Latitude business notebooks today. Rather than recount each model in detail and scrambling your brain since they (and their accompanying options) go in a million directions from ultraportable to semi-rugged, here's the basic list of new features: » 8/12/08 12:59pm 8/12/08 12:59pm

Giz's Top 4 Laptops with Mobile Broadband

As much as I love Wi-Fi, there just aren't enough hotspots blanketing the city to keep you connected all the time. So it's nice to see more laptop manufacturers integrating mobile broadband into their machines. Granted service plans are still pretty high, but if you're lucky enough to afford it, here are some of our… » 12/11/06 8:54pm 12/11/06 8:54pm