Dell to Discontinue Our Favorite Hackintoshable Netbook, the Mini 9

Dell's Mini 9 netbook, despite being one of the best in its class, is being phased out in favor of the Mini 10. Engadget has confirmation from Dell, so if you want to replicate John's Hackintosh, we'd recommend snapping one up quickly. [Engadget] » 5/30/09 10:30am 5/30/09 10:30am

Dell Mini 10's RAM Won't Be Upgradable Past 1 GB

The Dell Mini 10, the Mini 9's successor, which is due to start shipping later this week will come with a "fixed" 1GB of RAM, meaning, it won't be upgradable according to Dell. Does this mean that the RAM is soldered in, or fixed on the motherboard? Anyways, it's probably a result of the netbook licensing limitations » 2/23/09 7:59pm 2/23/09 7:59pm

Dell Inspiron Mini 12 Review

The Dell Inspiron Mini 12 is a bit confused. It packs an Intel Atom processor, which makes it a netbook. But it also has a 12-inch screen, which exceeds our definition of what a netbook can be. On one hand it's a natural evolution of the genre in an ever growing screen size arms race, topping the 10-inchers like a… » 11/19/08 3:50pm 11/19/08 3:50pm