Dell Studio Hybrid Mini-PC Officially Makes Hippies Smile for $499

Dell's Hybrid mini PC is pretty much their worst kept secret ever (which is kinda sayin' something!) but as of now it can officially adorn the desktop corners of eco- and space-conscious college freshmen or slip into entertainment centers for $499. It's 80 percent smaller than a standard desktop while slurping 70… »7/29/08 12:01am7/29/08 12:01am

Dell Studio Notebooks Officially Bring Decent Design to Mid-Range

Studio is Dell's new line of notebooks that'll sit in between Inspiron (low end) and XPS (high end), taking design cues from the latter-like its tapered lines, hinge design and slot-loading optical drive-and bringing 'em to a more value-oriented set, with a Skittles seven color palette (and some cool artist designs… »6/26/08 12:00am6/26/08 12:00am