​I've Seen The Dashboard Of The Future And It's Fantastic

We all want different things from our infotainment systems. But there's been one resounding request from almost everyone: make our smartphones play nice with our dashboard, no matter what device we use. Well, it's here. It's awesome. And, per usual, automakers are stalling. » 6/24/14 2:19pm 6/24/14 2:19pm

Ultra-Shapable E-Ink Becomes Reality This Fall

How many concept products have we shown featuring some form of curved or oddly shaped E-Ink display? A pillion?* Thankfully, the good people at E-Ink have seen fit to make these dreams come true: New "ultra-moldable" E-Ink cells are 40% thinner, can be cut into unique shapes, and even curved. This doesn't mean they're… » 5/11/08 2:00pm 5/11/08 2:00pm

iPhone Controls Vehicle in Real Time Using Delphi's Concept Web App

The chaps at Delphi were just showing us a cool concept; they were using a web app on an iPhone to control a GMC Acadia vehicle. The prototype on display was able to check the automobiles vital stats, open and close windows, retain user configurations for seating options and even start the ignition. Check out the… » 1/10/08 5:50pm 1/10/08 5:50pm

The Hottest Video Game Tech of the Mid-'90s, Harnessed in Delphi's…

I just checked out a rad driving simulator at the Delphi booth. It totally made me feel like I was behind the wheel, as you can see in the video. To be fair, they were showing off some pretty interesting tech, such as sensors that could tell if you were looking straight ahead or off to the side so it could warn you… » 1/08/08 2:56pm 1/08/08 2:56pm

XM's XpressRC Features Color Screen, Preset Channels, Instant Replay

In spite of having hardware partners, XM still develops its products in-house, which explains why every XM product has the same basic look and feel. The XpressRC, technically from Delphi, marries the color screen you've seen on the Samsung Helix/Pioneer Inno product with the XpressR-style split screen for browsing… » 8/13/07 2:08am 8/13/07 2:08am

Delphi's Promiscuous Sound System Docks Most of Your XM Receivers

When it comes to showing its love, Delphi's new Premium Sound System doesn't hold back. The promiscuous player has the ability to work with a variety of XM receivers, as opposed to just docking one. So in other words, you can slide in your Roady XT, SkyFi 3, Inno, and so forth. The verdict is still out on sound… » 1/30/07 11:35am 1/30/07 11:35am

Delphi SkyFi3 XM Satellite Radio Spotted, Has Removable Storage

Sharp eyes have spotted Delphi's upcoming SkyFi3 portable XM Satellite Radio. By far, its biggest attention getter is the fact that it has a microSD card slot, letting users store up to 500 songs and 10 hours of XM programming. There's also a 30-minute replay feature, so in case you want to hear a song that aired 25… » 9/15/06 9:28am 9/15/06 9:28am

Delphi Recalls Belkin Boombox, Sort Of

So Delphi, being the prestigious company that they are, is fixing a problem that isn't completely their fault. The Delphi RoadyXT is an XM receiver that includes a dock connector on the bottom. Apparently this connector is pretty particular to how it is docked and if not done correctly, could easily be damaged. This… » 7/25/06 6:03pm 7/25/06 6:03pm

Live From CES: Delphi's Driver No-Doze

This driver sleep monitor has been talked about plenty before, but it was fun to see it in action in Delphi's booth. It finds your eyes in an instant, and then bleats when your lids are closed for more than a few seconds. It would have to be installed in the car's driver-side dashboard display, but I was assured that… » 1/06/06 3:20pm 1/06/06 3:20pm

Live From CES: Blind Spot Monitor

Delphi, best known as a car audio brand in the US, is getting sensitive. The company is working on a bunch of interesting stuff with sensor technology that they had on display here at CES. The first is a blind spot detector for motorcycles (and cars, eventually). The sensor beams out 10 feet to the side and 26 feet… » 1/06/06 3:17pm 1/06/06 3:17pm

Live From CES: Delphi Intelligent Child Restraint and Crib Monitor

Delphi is also working on sensors for the child safety zone—an area of much interest to the child-bearing Gizmodo editors. The intelligent child restraint is a device to help ensure that you install your car seat correctly. Child seats are mis-installed 80% of the time, a stat that will come as little surprise to… » 1/06/06 3:16pm 1/06/06 3:16pm