Hip-Hop From the Future: Inside Deltron's First New Record Since 2000

In May of 2000 three legends of hip-hop formed a supergroup and created something nobody saw coming: A futuristic, sci-fi rap album. Over the years, Deltron 3030 has developed an almost fanatical cult following. The long awaited sequel—officially released today—is likely to do the same. » 10/01/13 4:04pm 10/01/13 4:04pm

Deltron 3030: 3030

There is one album I listen to more than any other at Gizmodo HQ: Deltron 3030. The futuristic hip-hop journey is a collaboration between (the mind-boggling lyrics of) Del the Funkee Homosapien, (incredible, epic beats from) Dan the Automator, and (the insane disc-spinning skills of) Kid Koala. It's a musical dream… » 3/25/12 5:30pm 3/25/12 5:30pm