One Reader's Experience with Furutech's DeMag

We threw down the gauntlet and called BS once again on Furutech's DeMag—the CD/DVD demagnitizer—last Thursday. There was no way in hell that we could believe something like this would work. Apparently one of our readers has firsthand knowledge that it actually does! » 3/05/07 8:30pm 3/05/07 8:30pm

Furutech Demag Spins Their Demagnetizing Bullshit Again

Remember the Furutech DeMag demagnitizer for your CDs and DVDs? It claimed to get rid of "resolution-sapping magnetic interference" from your optical discs, which we called total bullshit to back in November. Well, somehow they're in the news again. » 3/01/07 8:15pm 3/01/07 8:15pm

CES 2007: Furutech DeMag Demagnetizes Your Money Away

Furutech's DeMag devices manages to demagnetize any kind of disc-shaped media in order to eliminate "resolution-sapping magnetic interference" from your CDs, DVDs, SACDs, and DVD-As. Maybe we're not understanding this correctly, because CESWeb gave it a Best of Innovations 2007 award, but can someone tell me why does… » 11/08/06 7:30pm 11/08/06 7:30pm