Rocket Grenade Smashed to Bits In Flight By Quick Kill Defense System

We've written about the sci-fi sounding Army's Future Combat System »11/21/08 6:37am11/21/08 6:37am before, but the Army's just demonstrated a successful test of one of its components: the Quick Kill vehicle defense system. Check it out: the Raytheon system uses an electronically-scanned radar array to detect an incoming anti-tank rocket-propelled…

Android UI Video Demo Shows off Multitouch, Google Maps, Quake

Google's Sergei Brin and Steve Horowitz show off multiple prototypes of the Android platform, one of which has a Palm smartphone form factor and one that has a higher-end, HTC Windows Mobile form factor. The former shows off text messaging and Google maps (which looks pretty great, btw), and the latter shows off 3G… »11/12/07 1:47pm11/12/07 1:47pm

Nokia NFC: Imagine the Possibilities of Near-Field Communication

This video shot at CES last week is a bit shaky, but it shows you the potential of NFC—no, this doesn't involve the Bears or the Saints—this NFC is Near-Field Communication, a very short range two-way wireless connectivity protocol that can transmit small amounts of data from your cellphone to other wireless… »1/19/07 9:15am1/19/07 9:15am