New Denon Headphones Make Mysterious Appearance At Line Show

Yesterday, at Denon's line show in Jersey City, three pairs of noise-isolating earphones and three pairs of updated performance over-the-ear headphones were on display. However, they were not part of the presentation and there were no press releases. They're nice looking, and nice sounding, so I did some digging for… »7/25/07 4:40pm7/25/07 4:40pm

Denon Launches Four Compact S-Series 2.1 Systems With Wi-Fi, USB, iPod and Other Options

Denon's compact home theater systems just got some big improvements. Both the S-302 ($1699) and the S-102 ($999), which are due in September, can upscale DVDs to 1080p; the S-302 bumps up all analog incoming video to 1080p as well. The S-302 also has built-in Wi-Fi and can display cover art of the music streaming from… »7/24/07 3:14pm7/24/07 3:14pm

Denon's $5,200 Flagship AVR-5308CI with Wi-Fi, Better Media and Cozy UI (And 12 Other New Receivers)

If you're like us, you've been waiting for AV receivers to catch up with the digital age. Today, Denon introduced a huge line of receivers, with features that are up our alley:

• Wi-Fi in the two priciest models, AVR-5308CI ($5,199) and AVR-4308CI ($2,499)

• USB inputs for bus-powered HDD, along with AAC, FLAC, WMA… »7/24/07 2:52pm7/24/07 2:52pm

Denon Introduces Networked ASD-3N and ASD-3W iPod Docks, X-Space DHT-FS3 Surround Bar and RC-7000CI RF/IR Remote System

Today at the Hyatt Regency in Jersey City, Denon unveiled a massive line of new home-theater gear, mostly centered on the themes of network connectivity and easier setup.
• Networked ASD-3N and ASD-3W iPod docks ($179.99 and $229.99, out in August and September, respectively, with the "W" adding integrated Wi-Fi). In… »7/24/07 2:26pm7/24/07 2:26pm