Video: How braces can amazingly straighten crooked teeth

Getting braces for crooked teeth is one of our society's accepted forms of self torture for the sake of vanity. It's completely painful and done in a terribly awkward stage in life but it's worth it in the end, not just for the sight of straight teeth but for the pure functionality of improving the bite (or so they… » 10/29/14 12:06am 10/29/14 12:06am

CarieScan Finds Cavities Long Before Toothless Grin Sets In

Hate going to the dentist? The CarieScan can detect cavities before they become a problem by sending a tiny electrical current through a tooth, making those visits to the chair less likely to involve major excavation. CarieScan can detect small changes in resistance caused by the presence of water in a tooth, signs… » 11/19/07 12:20pm 11/19/07 12:20pm