How Cotton Candy Was Popularized By... A Dentist

Cotton candy, in all of its colorful, puffy glory, is one of those timeless treats capable of evoking childhood with one disintegrating bite. » 9/04/14 3:09pm 9/04/14 3:09pm

How Lab Coats Became a Dying Breed

Lab coats: they're white, mostly plain, boxy. Functional, and ultimately sartorially boring. But ask any doctor or lab tech about their lab coat and they will chat up a storm. Often about how they can't wait to ditch them—if they haven't already. » 3/23/12 3:40pm 3/23/12 3:40pm

Noise Cancellation for Dental Drills Will Make People Happier

King's College Dental Institute's Professor Brian Millar thinks that his invention—a noise cancellation device that eliminates the unnerving sound of dental drills—will make people not fear the dentist. Really, Professor Brian Millar? Really? » 1/10/11 10:30am 1/10/11 10:30am

Robot Makes Laughable Attempt At Simulating Dentist Chair Discomfort

Hanako, a robot designed in Japan, has a mouthful of sensors that let her realistically react to the pokings and proddings of dentists in training. Let me be clear, dentists in training: no robot can loathe you like I do. » 3/25/10 6:00pm 3/25/10 6:00pm

It's About Time: A Drill-Free Fix For Cavities

If bacteria settle in between your teeth and form a cavity, your dentist must drill through your tooth just to get at it. But now dentists can trade their drills for a simple treatment that stops early-stage cavities. » 2/03/10 5:20pm 2/03/10 5:20pm

Tooth Lasers Could Make Drilling a Thing of the Past

For some people, just the sound of a dental drill is enough to cause panic-but the good news is that this barbaric procedure may be a thing of the past. UK researchers have developed a technology that is based on Raman spectroscopy (a method that is currently used to identify chemicals) to spot tooth decay before it… » 7/21/08 4:00pm 7/21/08 4:00pm