Get Images and Video Straight From the Military With This App

The app, by the DoD's Defense Video and Imagery Distribution System, delivers news directly from deployed service members from every arm of the military. You can also flip through the most popular and best photography from the military as well as video from "In The Fight" programming and military newscasts and share… » 4/13/11 9:15pm 4/13/11 9:15pm

Death and Taxes Shows Fascinating, Terrible View on Military Tech Spending

Death and Taxes 2009 is a detailed graphical account showing where your tax dollars will go next year in the most detailed and fascinating way: Everything is set to scale according to the amount of money spent on it, showing the amazing weight that military-related spending has in the total Federal budget. It's just… » 10/25/08 2:45am 10/25/08 2:45am