Add the Department of Energy to the List of Agencies Nailed by Hackers

Reuters reports that the US Department of Energy was hacked last month and a trove of employee information was lost to the cyber intruders. The hack was revealed in a letter obtained by Reuters, which was sent to employees on Friday. The DOE claims no confidential information was lost in the attack. » 2/04/13 5:57pm 2/04/13 5:57pm

The US Government Is Banking on Small Nuclear Reactors for Future Energy

Ever since Fukushima, nuclear power has not been a warmly-received concept when it comes to energy solutions. But still, small modular reactors have remained one iteration of nuclear power that people are optimistic about due to their relative safety and manageability. That's why the US Department of Energy has… » 3/04/12 7:30pm 3/04/12 7:30pm