Best Buy is Looking For Black Friday VIPs To Start The Insanity In Style

Black Friday's » 10/29/08 1:14pm 10/29/08 1:14pm going to be longer and crazier this year, thanks to The Troubles. We . But Best Buy is jumping in with both feet-with their Black Friday VIP program, they're looking for a few good crazies to arrive in a limo sipping mimosas at 25 major metro Best Buys around the country, bright and early at 4:30 AM for…

National Debt Clock To Get Most Depressing Upgrade Ever

It was a bad sign when the National Debt Clock on Sixth Avenue in NYC ran out of space this past weekend » 10/13/08 9:40am 10/13/08 9:40am, calling for the screen previously used for the dollar sign to be used for the 1 in 10 . Now, the real estate mogul Seymour Durst who put up the sign back in 1989 has announced that the current clock will be…

Yep, We're Screwed: National Debt Clock Runs Out of Numbers

It's official. We're hosed. The National Debt Clock near Times Square has just run out of spaces to add more zeroes to its running count of our national debt, thanks to the one-two punch of the $700 billion Wall Street bailout and the $100 billion used to prop up Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac before that. If you haven't… » 10/07/08 6:40pm 10/07/08 6:40pm