Ditch Your Computer for One Day? Really?

Could you stand to be without your computer, just for one day? Experimenters Denis Bystrov and Michael Taylor want to know. The 24-hour period in question is March 24, which happens to fall on a Saturday. Maybe we'll try it. » 2/21/07 3:00pm 2/21/07 3:00pm

Hey, this is like that "turn off your TV" day. But wait. That's not too good for traffic here…

Forbes Managing Editor Attempts Techno-Cold Turkey for a Week on NBC

When good-sport Forbes managing editor Dennis Kneale let NBC take away his cellphone, Blackberry and email for a week for the Today show special segment entitled "Could You Do Without?", little did Kneale realize he would end up in tears. What an excellent segment! It's a testament to the techno-addiction to which… » 2/20/07 8:37am 2/20/07 8:37am