This cool concept will let you escape a fire like a SWAT commando

Jonathan Lowe—a product design student from Staffordshire University in the UK—came up with Xitus, a clever gadget that helps you escape from a building on fire when the only way out is trough the window. Place it on the edge of the window, climb over and a controlled descent device will take you to the ground gently. » 5/20/14 9:29pm 5/20/14 9:29pm

Noro No-Drip Lip Keeps Sticky Spills Off the Table

Gooey substances such as syrup and olive oil spill all over the place with their containers' drippy lips, but not if they're dispensed from the no-drip two-lip pouring system from a Barcelona designer who calls himself Noro. It's about time somebody designed one of these drip-free decanters for viscous and edible… » 12/26/07 10:55am 12/26/07 10:55am

328-Foot RAM Wing 100 Yacht Zips Along at 100 Knots

Is this RAM Wing 100 yacht by Levi Designs a catamaran or a monohull? It's both, starting out in front is a catamaran and ending up as a monohull in the stern. The most remarkable aspect of this design concept is its tremendous speed, 100 knots with a range of 2000 nautical miles. That's not bad for a giant 328-foot… » 12/21/07 12:03pm 12/21/07 12:03pm

Kiss Phone Opens Up New Frontier of Teledildonic Possibilities

In the mad scramble to invent teledildonics devices, an inventor has created a forerunner of the category with the Kiss Phone. Although we're wondering who would want to be seen in public with this odd-looking phone with its downturned mouth that reminds us of all manner of masturbatory mechanisms, its inventor… » 11/09/07 8:10am 11/09/07 8:10am

Bluetooth Lanyard Keeps Cables at Bay, Stores Earphones

Are your earphone cables always in auto-tangle mode? Here's a good idea from designer Jaehyung Hong: a Bluetooth lanyard with transport controls on board, letting you control your MP3 player while you're listening, and then store your earphones in its handy slot when you're not. Roll those messy cables up inside the… » 11/07/07 8:19am 11/07/07 8:19am

Super Inline 720 Skates Let SK8Rz Go Sideways and Spin

Before hell freezes over, let's try a bit of in-line skating, but these skates offer more than that. Strap on a pair of Kian Khuan's 720 inline skates, and a whole new dimension is laid out before us, because these super inline skates not only go forward and backward like any others, but can also spin 360 degrees in… » 11/02/07 8:37am 11/02/07 8:37am

Disappearing Wall Stairs Should Be In Every Millionaire's Home

Aaron Tang's wall stairs are meant for living areas that are short on space, but they're so awesome that I'd want them even if I had 1,000,000 sq. ft. house. They work by having the frame of the stairs slide out from the wall, powered by hydraulic pistons, and having the stair planks fold over the frame one at a time.… » 10/24/07 7:04pm 10/24/07 7:04pm

Multibook is a Lamp, Charger and Alarm Clock, Disguised As an Ordinary Book

The Multibook by Italianos Dante Donegani and Giovanni Lauda offers three conveniences in one handsome package that looks a whole lot like a book. From the angle of the Multibook's spine, it appears to be a conventional alarm clock, displaying the date and time. Behind a diffuser (situated where the book's pages would… » 10/23/07 3:45pm 10/23/07 3:45pm

Memo Pad Phone Incorporates Message-Taking Paper

About the only time we use pen and paper around here is to take phone messages, and this Memo Pad Phone accommodates that situation with aplomb. At first we thought this design concept involved some kind of fancy electronic paper, but no, it has a special memo pad that's cut out to fit around the telephone's keypad. » 10/17/07 11:15am 10/17/07 11:15am

Strato Cruiser Airship, Floating Along Without Wings or Reality

The rich are different from you and me, so maybe they'll have time to ride in this Strato Cruiser Airship, sitting back and getting pedicures while this helium-lifted carbon fiber blimp lumbers along. The design concept calls for spectacular restaurants inside staffed by star chefs, a spa, private suites, office… » 10/09/07 12:30pm 10/09/07 12:30pm

Punch the !ighting Turns Frustration Into Illumination

Here's a design concept by Jin-Sook Kim lets you take out your frustrations while attempting to illuminate your environment. That's because this Punch the !ighting device makes you beat the shit out of it before it'll give up even the slightest bit of light. It must be a satisfying feeling, though, to see an actual… » 10/08/07 5:40pm 10/08/07 5:40pm

Art.Lebedev Shows Pultius, the Crazy Zillion-Button Remote

At first we were wondering if the Art.Lebedev Studio was kidding with this design concept for a remote control. Named Pultius, this 20-inch-long clicker solves a problem of designing "a remote control with as many buttons as there are channels on TV." We weren't aware that was an actual problem, but if such a solution… » 10/05/07 9:20am 10/05/07 9:20am

Capsuli Emergency Solar-Charged LED Lights in a Pass-Around Pack

Park these Capsuli rechargeable LED emergency lights on their miniature solar-powered charging station, and when havoc strikes and all the lights go out, you can pass these around to all the occupants of your darkened abode. A quick twist turns on the LED inside, giving you just enough light to keep from stumbling all… » 10/04/07 9:55am 10/04/07 9:55am

Unique Cellphone Techno-Demoed at CEATEC 2007

At first glance, there's nothing special about this cellphone just demonstrated at CEATEC Japan 2007, but upon closer inspection you'll notice that the keyboard uses electronic ink (e-ink) SiPix electrophoretic technology, a type of e-paper that's capable of changing the display on each alphanumeric key whenever the… » 10/03/07 3:45pm 10/03/07 3:45pm

Respect The Old School Cane, For Punk Kid Smackdowns

Some of us old cane-carrying codgers don't get no respect, we don't get no respect at all. That's why we need this cane with a RESPECT stamp on the business end, leaving a mark on those punk whippersnappers who want to disrespect us with their "rap music" and hepcat attitudes. Well sir, those days are gone, yessiree,… » 9/28/07 11:10am 9/28/07 11:10am

Barricade Tape Design Reassures You: Everything Is OK, Really

Not that this is some kind of genius design or anything, but wouldn't it be nice to walk up to a horrific crime scene in see this "everything is ok" barricade tape strung all over the place? Wouldn't it make you feel much better about all the blood, guts and mayhem you just directly witnessed? Created by San Francisco… » 9/26/07 1:45pm 9/26/07 1:45pm

Portable DVD Player with Sexy-Flexy Display Transforms Into Mini-Theater

Here's a wild-ass looking portable DVD player (PDP) that reminds us a lot of that player we showed you last month that looks like a butterfly knife. This concept takes that design a few years into the future, looking like it's about the size and unpocketable shape of that crazy iPhone clone Intel was flaunting the… » 9/21/07 10:20am 9/21/07 10:20am

Home Theater Screen Disguised as a Bookshelf

Now, here's a great idea: Why not disguise a projection screen as a bookshelf, and then place a few other identical-looking shelves nearby as decoys? That's just what Italian designer Matteo Ragni has dreamed up here, trying to cross that bridge between a dedicated home theater room and a multi-use space that might… » 9/20/07 2:30pm 9/20/07 2:30pm

Project E Takes Twitter-like Idea Into Meatspace

Who needs Twitter when you have E, this electronic device that senses how you feel at any given moment, and communicates that to other people who buy into this electronic nervous system? Simply pick up E, gesture how you feel, and it lets everyone else in on your secret. On the right in the pic above is Exo, and it… » 9/17/07 11:53am 9/17/07 11:53am