Wireless Router Flower Vase Concept Also Doubles As Nuclear Cooling Tower

Generally, water and gadgets don't tend to play nicely together. But I'm a fan of this wireless router/flower vase concept design from Saudi telecom company STC. With it, the router doesn't have to be shoved away in the corner, its tangle of wires collecting dust bunnies by the pound. Now, how aboud a daffodil—or a… »11/21/08 12:40pm11/21/08 12:40pm


Hanging Enclosure Concept Piggybacks a Hard Drive on Your Laptop Lid

As tiny 1.8" hard drives continue to get larger in capacity »10/03/08 9:20am10/03/08 9:20am and , this design concept for hanging one from the back of your laptop display seems like the way to go—it's using a 2.5" drive, but a 1.8" would really be better. I've got a 3G card that hangs like this already, but piggybacking an external drive would be…

Mach 8 Hydrogen Hypersonic Airliner on the Drawing Board

It looks like that Boeing jet we showed you yesterday isn't going to be the only airplane using hydrogen if the European Union has its way. The European Space Agency just got $14.5 million in a second round of funding from the EU to study the idea of developing A2, a hydrogen-fueled hypersonic aircraft that might… »10/25/07 9:51am10/25/07 9:51am

Canon Snap Concept, a Microcam for Your Index Finger

This is one of those design concepts that might also require a genie in a bottle to actually come into fruition. It's called the Canon Snap, a high-quality camera small enough to wear like a ring. Push its single button, and you've got digi-photos. Sure, looks neat. If they could just make that lens retract down to… »10/22/07 3:15pm10/22/07 3:15pm

First Useful TV Packaging In History Transforms Into a TV Stand

Wouldn't the packaging for a big-screen TV be the perfect size for a TV stand? Yes, and a clever designer decided to do just that. We knew there were some tricky designers working on various packaging techniques for electronics devices, judging from all the puzzle-like intricate packing schemes we've seen in the… »7/18/07 9:06am7/18/07 9:06am

Wall-Mountable Wireless Printer Saves Space, Frames Up Your Print

We're usually not too stoked about printers, but this slim wall-mounted wireless printer is different. This design concept is thin enough to hang on the wall like a picture frame, or you can prop it up on a tabletop. When you've printed your page, it displays it for you right there as if it were a work of art. Push… »5/23/07 4:15pm5/23/07 4:15pm

Next-Gen PC Competition Results in Some Wild, Beautiful Designs

Microsoft announced the winners of its 2007 Next-Gen PC Design Competition, and this year's champs gave new meaning to that old cliché, "outside the box." These PCs won't be available anytime soon, but their industrial designers pick up some serious recognition along with a substantial wad of cash for their efforts.… »5/16/07 9:42am5/16/07 9:42am