Digital Thermostat Faucet Is Exercise In Minimalism

When I was growing up I thought all faucets were going to be like this—all digital, electronic thermostat and sleekly mysterious. Nope: 99% of faucets I use are still the old twist'n'turn and get the bath-temperature wrong variety. Perhaps it's because designs like this one from Italian makers Treemme are slightly… » 11/19/08 7:31am 11/19/08 7:31am

Giant Light Like Shaped Like Spacecraft, Doesn't Go Pew Pew

This is a giant exterior light assembly that looks as angular as a stealth fighter, and bit like a Star Trek shuttlepod. By designer Jeroen Molenaar, it's got some artistic merit and sure, it lights up outside places really nicely... but who cares? It's a giant light fitting that looks like a spaceship, and that's all… » 9/26/08 9:15am 9/26/08 9:15am

Nokia Pimps 8800 Cellphone With Carbon Arte Version

Nokia's just come up with a new entry in its Arte series of "jazzed up" cellphones with the 8800 » 8/19/08 4:37am 8/19/08 4:37am Carbon Arte. The old slider phone now has panels of carbon fiber in its front and rear faces, along with titanium and stainless steel. Internally it looks like the phone is pretty much unchanged, though now its storage has…

Daft Punk's Designer Shows DIY Glowing Outfit Tricks

Almost as famous as Daft Punk's electro-tunes are their glowing electro-outfits. And now, thanks to the chap who made clothes for their 2007 Alive tour, and an Instructables DIY page you too could don glowing gear. It looks fairly easy, as long as you're nifty with a needle and thread: the hardest part seems to be… » 6/23/08 11:20am 6/23/08 11:20am

Living Isn't Worth Wearing the Diddo Velema Gas Mask

A poisonous green cloud approaches. To your left, your scared wife and young son, trembling in one another's arms. To your right, three Diddo Velema gas masks complete with Gucci and Luis Vuitton detailing. You realize that the masks are probably just a pointed artistic commentary of the violent, consumer world you… » 4/09/08 10:20am 4/09/08 10:20am

LaCie Adds Neil Poulton-Designed External HD To Classy Drive Roster

LaCie's no stranger to getting designers to fashion up external hard drive designs, what with Sam Hecht, Ora-Ito, Karim Rashid, GmbH and the LEGO guy (actually also Ora-Ito) lending their name to designs. This latest one by Neil Poulton looks like the 2001 monolith sans naked monkeys, but with an eerie blue ambient… » 12/06/07 2:15pm 12/06/07 2:15pm

Umydo Humidifier Brings Class to Your Dry Air

As a guy who produces either way too much or way too little saliva, humidifiers are key to keep from waking up 14 times in the middle of the night to gulp down water. This Umydo Humidifier doesn't just moisten up the place, it adds a touch of class to a room that only a stainless steel quarter circle dog bowl could… » 11/06/07 7:20pm 11/06/07 7:20pm

Space Heater Might Warm You Up With Its Pretty Design Alone

There was a chill in the air this morning, and it made us start thinking about heating up the place. But who wants one of those metal space heaters that can burn the house down if it tips over when there's a designer space heater like this Plus Minus Zero model that's on its way in December? The $120 object is… » 10/25/07 1:15pm 10/25/07 1:15pm

Hands-On and Slot Exploration with the Sexy Samsung Printers (Verdict: NeXT Flashback)

Last week we gave you the specs of Samsung's new Windows-, Linux- and Mac-compatible printers &mdash the ML-1630 is a monochrome laser printer, the SCX-4500 a 16 page-per-minute multi-function printer &mdash and yesterday we got to see them for ourselves. Glossy, smooth, they're the kind of printers that make you want… » 9/03/07 6:30am 9/03/07 6:30am

Zenum Organum Music Player Looks Sexy Today, May Ship Someday

Zenum is a company that does a lot of designing but no shipping yet, and here's an example: the Zenum Organum, a music player that the company says will roll out by the end of this year. It'll supposedly have a built-in mic, and will play back all the usual suspect audio files. Its 1.8-inch color display will show you… » 3/07/07 9:05am 3/07/07 9:05am