Riding a Surfboard Made By An Old Apple Designer

Jaimal Yogis is an award-winning journalist and the author of Saltwater Buddha. Here he takes a ride on the strangely shaped surfboard by ex-Apple designer Thomas Meyerhoffer on SF's Ocean Beach. » 8/31/09 11:00am 8/31/09 11:00am

Digital Ruler

This wooden, yet digital, concept ruler combines "values of a traditional ruler, with advantages of a digital interface." I think it still needs lines, but how cool is it that it sets the zero point wherever you start measuring? » 7/04/09 5:30pm 7/04/09 5:30pm

HTC Hero's Teflon Coating Makes the iPhone Feel Like Junk

Yesterday I held the new HTC Hero next to my iPhone. Not only the new Android handset has a surprisingly cool design—straight out of JJ Abrams' Star Trek or Kubrick's 2001—but it kicks the iPhone's plastic ass. » 6/25/09 10:30pm 6/25/09 10:30pm

I Love Trackpads!

Somewhere, as I transitioned from being a proud desktop user with parts scattered around my room, to the being a dedicated laptop user, I forgot how to use a mouse. And today, I embrace the swiftness of the trackpad. » 6/10/09 4:00pm 6/10/09 4:00pm

Share Aware Lamps: The Greenest Way to Pick Fights at Home

Here's one way to raise energy consciousness: Share Aware lights are connected to each other by radio, and share a finite amount of energy. When you make one brighter, the others get proportionately dimmer, but dim yours, and the rest get brighter. I can't see any problem with that. » 5/29/09 10:00pm 5/29/09 10:00pm

Liquor Master Says You Take Sculpture, Liquor Seriously

It takes a connoisseur to pay a fortune for a sculpture, but it takes a maniacal boozehound with major ducats to burn to buy one to stash his (or her) liquor. » 5/28/09 10:30pm 5/28/09 10:30pm

Reminder: Objectified Movie Screenings in NYC This Week

Objectified rocked my fucking world, making me so much more appreciative of the effort that goes into every device, giving me a video interview of Jonny Ive and Dieter Rams. It also made me feel very guilty and self conscious for peddling all this crap on our site. In a good way! The movie is playing in NYC all week,… » 5/11/09 7:13pm 5/11/09 7:13pm

Silver Circuit Goo For Thinner Gadgets

The NYTimes has a post on Vertical Circuits, a company that has developed a 3d circuit stacking technology using a silver based epoxy—goo, basically—to closer fuse flash memory chips together. » 5/01/09 8:00pm 5/01/09 8:00pm

Skin Furniture Gives Me Nam Tropic Thunder Flashbacks

Furniture doesn't usually make me want to throw up. But this desk-and-chair set, from designer Nacho Carbonell's titillating Skin collection, makes me think about the stuff inside me that I don't like to think about. » 4/28/09 9:20pm 4/28/09 9:20pm

Objectified Review

Do you ever stop to realize that another human being carefully conceived and designed every object you will touch today? It's a pretty amazing thought, and after Objectified, you'll be thinking it more often. » 4/22/09 1:00pm 4/22/09 1:00pm

Nemo Gould's Bogeyman and Praying Mantis Could Easily Be Dr. Who

I love Daleks and Cybermen because they're illogically terrifying: The clumsier the tech, the scarier they get. Nemo Gould's found-material sculptures unlock the same secret brain code, being cartoony and scary at the same time. » 4/17/09 10:00pm 4/17/09 10:00pm

Houdini Chairs Ensure Your Guests Will Stay for Dessert

That is, unless they are Houdini incarnate. Or maybe David Blaine. These are made by designers CTRLZAK and will debut at an Italian design show next month. [Core 77] » 3/30/09 10:40am 3/30/09 10:40am

And Now, The Periodic Table of Game Controllers

Inspired by the Periodic Table of Typefaces, Flickr artist Pixel Fantasy decided to chart out the jungle of game controller button configurations into a similarly geekgasm-inducing chart. It's mighty pretty in high-res. » 3/23/09 4:40pm 3/23/09 4:40pm

Concept Gives Mac Mini a Dockable Desktop Radio Friend

This concept by designer Sebastian Sauvage basically takes the iPod dock concept and maximizes it for the Mac Mini, with a stackable (and coolly retro) radio receiver module and two Mini-esque speakers. » 3/23/09 4:20pm 3/23/09 4:20pm

Electric Hand Dryers From Around the World

I love tireless photo archives of the seemingly mundane objects we run into every day. To wit: this study of 96 bathroom air blowers from around the world by photographer Douglas Wilson. » 3/20/09 6:00pm 3/20/09 6:00pm

Objectified's Wonderful Gadget-Filled Movie Poster

Hot of the presses is forthcoming design documentary Objectified's awesome one-sheet poster by Build, which is a veritable visual history of industrial design. How many silhouettes can you name? Updated with high-res file » 3/20/09 2:01pm 3/20/09 2:01pm

Tunto LED Desk Lamp Infuses Wood With Light

I'm seldom moved emotionally by elegant design but the $650 Tunto LED desk lamp—made of warped oak or walnut and activated solely by touch—is a sweet exception to that rule. [FinnishDesignShop via BornRich] » 3/17/09 8:45pm 3/17/09 8:45pm

Takasugi-an Treehouse Is Scariest Teahouse Ever

Here are six reasons why I think that the amazing Takasugi-an Teahouse is, nevertheless, somewhere I'd never be caught dead, despite my love of tea: » 3/12/09 11:00pm 3/12/09 11:00pm