HTC Hero's Teflon Coating Makes the iPhone Feel Like Junk

Yesterday I held the new HTC Hero next to my iPhone. Not only the new Android handset has a surprisingly cool design—straight out of JJ Abrams' Star Trek or Kubrick's 2001—but it kicks the iPhone's plastic ass. » 6/25/09 10:30pm 6/25/09 10:30pm

Reminder: Objectified Movie Screenings in NYC This Week

Objectified rocked my fucking world, making me so much more appreciative of the effort that goes into every device, giving me a video interview of Jonny Ive and Dieter Rams. It also made me feel very guilty and self conscious for peddling all this crap on our site. In a good way! The movie is playing in NYC all week,… » 5/11/09 7:13pm 5/11/09 7:13pm