Disposable USB Sticks, For Those Sad Memories You Don't Mind Losing

The creative minds of Art Lebedev have once again thought of something interesting to do in the USB world—cardboard. The design team's concept "Fleshkus" memory sticks are supplied on printed card, with users able to tear one off as needed and write a description straight onto the back. [Art Lebedev via UberGizmo] »2/15/11 7:00am2/15/11 7:00am

Wernher von Braun's 1952 'Moon Rocket' Concept Sketch Sells for $132,000

The NY Times TierneyLab »10/21/08 8:15pm10/21/08 8:15pm blog recently had a great post on a 1952 concept sketch for a "Moon Rocket," which sold for $132,000 in an auction last week. Created by famed Astronautics Engineer and Rocket Physicist Wernher von Braun (name dropped in the movie like 3,269,728 times), the sphere-happy concept called for the…

Flying Cars, Cloud Cities and Other Forgotten Inventions of Buckminster Fuller

Buckminster Fuller might best be known for the molecules named after him and dome designs that inspired structures such as the Epcot center. But even more impressive is The New Yorker's rundown of Fuller's life and forgotten inventions, such as his three-wheeled, all-terrain car with a periscope, cities designed to… »6/02/08 11:00pm6/02/08 11:00pm

Chute Smartphone Concept Puts Wood in Your Pant Pockets

The Chute Smartphone concept is a vision of the future, a future where cellphones are made of Bamboo, where cellphones have names like Chute and where pot is not outlawed renewable sources of energy have finally reached ubiquity. The details on the gadget that lies beneath the woody exterior is not mentioned beyond it… »2/16/08 10:30pm2/16/08 10:30pm