What's the Best Monitor Mount?

We touched on monitor positioning on our Office Gear Guide, and one of the best ways to elevate your monitor to the right height, utilize multiple monitors, and save space on your desk is with a monitor mount, but which one? Mount up and nominate your favorite in the comments. » 2/26/15 3:16pm 2/26/15 3:16pm

A Desk Set That Makes Your Workspace Look Like Italy

Wait, did you just put your pencil in the Pantheon? And... are you using the Coliseum to hold erasers? You bet—because this lovely desk set is modelled on fine Italian monuments. » 9/05/14 5:48am 9/05/14 5:48am

This Desk Tidy Folds Into Shape From a Sheet of Laser-Cut Steel

This neat, angular desk tidy is truly 3D—but it hasn't always been that way. In fact, it's put together from a 0.8mm-thick carbon steel, laser-cut beforehand to make it easy to fold into shape. » 9/01/14 12:00pm 9/01/14 12:00pm

This Simple Wooden Case Contains an Entire Collapsable Workstation

If you're always on the move but like to have a real desk to work at, maybe designer Tyrone Stoddart's BOXED project is for you: a suitcase that contains an entire collapsable workstation. » 7/17/13 6:17am 7/17/13 6:17am

This Is a Work Station Fit For an Emperor

This, as you might be able to tell, is no normal desk set-up. Designed to provide the ultimate in both comfort and productivity, we introduce to you the MWE Lab Emperor 1510 LX work station—and if you have to ask how much it costs, you probably can't afford it. » 6/05/13 6:38am 6/05/13 6:38am

This Portable Desk Is Packed With Power to Keep You Working Anywhere

For people that find themselves working literally in the middle of nowhere, a suitable spot to set up office can be a problem, let alone finding power to keep things running. But the KANZ Field Power Desk offers a solution: it's a portable workstation that comes packed with power to keep your devices running. » 9/13/12 7:00am 9/13/12 7:00am

A Tape Dispenser You'll Wish Was Drivable

It would probably be really fun to drive a steamroller. But you have to have a special license for those vehicles, and this awesome tape dispenser looks just like one, so you know, next best thing. » 8/13/12 12:40pm 8/13/12 12:40pm

This Sleek Desk Has All the Drawers You'll Ever Need

Keeping a desk surface clutter-free is an almost impossible task for some of us, made all the more difficult by streamlined, modern furniture. But while this desk certainly looks sleek at first glance, beneath its surface are all the drawers you could ever ask for in order to keep your workspace tidy. » 7/26/12 7:09am 7/26/12 7:09am

Scientific Proof That Men Have the Dirtiest Desks

Sometimes its hard to keep your desk clean and tidy. Turns out, men seem to find it a bigger problem, because a recent study suggests that men have far, far dirtier desks than women. » 5/31/12 6:37am 5/31/12 6:37am

This Desk-Shelf Hybrid Harmoniously Combines Form and Function

People in cramped apartments have had to choose between tables or shelves for ages. Without a desk, it's difficult to get real, substantial work done. Without shelves, crap simply piles up around your apartment. But with the Deskbox desk-shelf hybrid, you get both and it doesn't take up any extra space. » 4/25/12 8:40pm 4/25/12 8:40pm

The Ultimate Cubicle Catapult For Irritating Your Co-Workers

The office would be intolerable without toy weapons. How else are you supposed to get someone's attention when they've got headphones on? The new Air Strike Catapult from ThinkGeek is the finest piece of desk artillery we've ever seen. The $15 onager-style catapult is based on the efficient, powerful design of Roman… » 3/16/12 12:20pm 3/16/12 12:20pm

How Many Monitors Is Too Many?

At Gizmodo, many of us are fans of the multi-monitor set-up. It's not surprising: it lets us simultaneously keep an eye on breaking news, email, our writing and graphics, too. But is there a limit to how useful multiple monitors can be? » 2/08/12 5:02am 2/08/12 5:02am

Would You Rather Stand Or Sit At Your Desk All Day?

The latest office trend sweeping the nation is stand up desks, according to the Wall Street Journal. A growing number of employees at companies like Facebook and Google are tossing aside their chair and asking to work while standing. » 9/02/11 1:09am 9/02/11 1:09am

How To Keep Your Cellphone from Getting Buried Under all the Crap on…

No, someone else isn't playing Ratatat at work (anywhere), that's your phone ringing. But where is it? Under the napkins? Beneath that stack of TPS reports? Who knows. A problem with our ever-shrinking cellphones is that they're getting harder to find. » 8/19/11 4:20pm 8/19/11 4:20pm

An iPhone 4 That'll Light Your Desk

This replica looks like a ridiculously large iPhone 4, similar to the ginormous fan case we saw recently. But this knockoff Apple product isn't for cooling, it's for lighting your desk. » 8/03/11 10:15pm 8/03/11 10:15pm

The Elliptical Machine Office Desk: Out, Work Workout!

It's a desk chair! It's an elliptical machine! It's an embarrassment! Ye gods, Hammacher Schlemmer, what have you unleashed this time? And who on earth is going to pony up $8,000 for it? » 6/28/11 10:20pm 6/28/11 10:20pm

This Is What'll Happen If We All Start Reading Ebooks

If we all start reading ebooks instead of plain ol' printed books, then we'll one day find ourselves wondering what to do with our old non-digital tomes. Not this man though, because he already knows what we'll do and got a head start. » 9/15/10 11:20pm 9/15/10 11:20pm

'Computer Desk for Apple iMac' Refuses to Have Windows Computer Placed…

This is Grant Sonnex's "computer desk for Apple iMac." Don't you even think about putting some piece-of-shit Acer on it, or Sonnex will personally come to your house and kick you in the groin for having terrible taste. [Design Milk] » 8/11/10 7:20pm 8/11/10 7:20pm

16 Workstations Your Poor Back Is Crying Out For

Posture a little wonky these days? Bum hurt after eight hours of sitting on the office desk chair? You need to invest in one of these 16 workstations, pronto. [WebUrbanist] » 6/04/10 3:33am 6/04/10 3:33am

What I Wouldn't Give For an 8-Bit Desk

My Desk Is 8-Bit is a frothingly good—and self-explanatory—short film made by Alex Varanese. The stop-motion was inspired by Michel Gondry, R-Type, and every significant furniture day dream I've had in the last six years. » 5/27/10 9:07am 5/27/10 9:07am