This Desk Keeps Your Cords In Order and Has a Built-In Whiteboard

Man it feels good to sit down at a desk where everything is in order—or so I've heard. Mine is always a disaster, what with the cords and cables and scattered reminder notes I've scrawled on bits of paper that will undoubtedly get lost in the shuffle. But this lovely specimen from Artifox looks like it would seriously… » 4/16/14 5:00pm Wednesday 5:00pm

A Better Desk Design Lets You Access Multiple Drawers At Once

Keeping a stack of desk drawers organized isn't always easy, particularly when one is open and completely blocks access to the drawer below it. Sure, it might not be one of the most pressing issues facing humanity today, but it's a problem that's thankfully been solved thanks to Colors' Cartesia Desk featuring drawers… » 4/02/13 12:09pm 4/02/13 12:09pm

Gorgeous School Furniture That Teaches Kids Good Posture

Turns out, sitting hunched over a desk for eight hours a day isn't all that great for a kid's posture, and the spinal contortions needed to lean over a flat desk certainly do nothing for a student's ability to focus on the day's lessons. However, this rolling chair from Dublin-based industrial design firm Perch aims to … » 3/15/13 3:20pm 3/15/13 3:20pm

Remind Yourself That Nature Still Exists With a Terrarium Work Desk

If your 9 to 5 has you yearning for a little more nature while you sit behind a computer screen all day, consider trading up your jungle desktop wallpaper for Daniel Zeller's custom Terrarium Desk. Tucked away inside is a miniature jungle lit with soft LEDs that's visible through a plexiglass window on top. » 2/11/13 4:00pm 2/11/13 4:00pm

Secret Sleeping Desks Should Be Installed in Every College Library

Falling asleep while studying is a rite of passage for students of higher learning, so why shouldn't college libraries install desks that made the occasional nap a bit more comfortable? Everyone from MIT to NYU should be calling up Russian designer Yaroslav Misonzhnikov and asking to buy his wonderful work desk with a… » 11/16/12 4:40pm 11/16/12 4:40pm

The Desk You're Actually Encouraged to Scribble All Over

If you're a brainstormer, or are prone to compulsive list making, then Miguel Mestre's My Desk is probably your type of design object. Centered around a giant 100x70 centimeter sketchpad, the desk will let you go back to the drawing board again, and again, and again, and again. Just don't put anything on it. Or spill… » 6/06/12 5:40pm 6/06/12 5:40pm