USS Ross guided-missile destroyer looks like it has its own force field

Here's a really cool photo of guided-missile destroyer USS Ross ripping through the Mediterranean while under high wind conditions. To me, it looks like the warship has activated a force field around it and is impenetrable to everything. In reality, however, the destroyer is drenched. » 3/23/15 11:34pm 3/23/15 11:34pm

This is what a high speed turn in a US Navy destroyer looks like

I love this photo by U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Shane A. Jackson: sailors standing aboard the guided-missile destroyer USS Bulkeley during a turn at full speed. It's crazy to think that a 509-foot-long beast that displaces 9,200 tons can make such high-speed maneuvers. » 11/18/13 10:34pm 11/18/13 10:34pm

Britain's Brand New £1 Billion Battleship Is a 152-Meter Mobile Missile Shield

With all the iPhone 5 hoopla lately, you might not have heard the news—Israel and Iran are fixing for a fight that could wipe both countries off the map. Twenty-six Western allies have already dispatched a flotilla of warships to the region to guard the Strait of Hormuz—among them is the brand new HMS Diamond. This… » 9/18/12 11:30am 9/18/12 11:30am