Goodbye Phonies: This App Will Automatically Detect Photoshopped Images

Scientists have created a new software program that will automatically detect any image that has been modified in Photoshop. The software is now tuned to faces, but it will be able to flag any type of image, they say. » 11/29/11 3:00pm 11/29/11 3:00pm

NEC's New Facial Recognition Tech Will Find You No Matter How Old and…

NEC's newest facial recognition tech is able to track changes of substantial age and weight to match faces to their younger, slimmer selves. A recent Homeland Security test within a 1.6 million person criminal database saw 92% accuracy. » 8/27/10 10:40am 8/27/10 10:40am

Flexline 100 Digital Camera from Rollei only Marred by Color

So, what is it about the number 100 today? To celebrate 90 years in the business, Rollei is bringing out the Flexline 100, a very minimalist digital camera that looks a bit smartphone-esque once you flip it over. » 1/06/10 5:09am 1/06/10 5:09am

Hands-Free GPS Device for the Blind Could Make You a Superhero

The Navigation aid for the Blind headset » 10/08/08 11:07pm 10/08/08 11:07pm is a GPS device, which not only works through speech recognition, but also uses obstacle detection technology that alerts the blind of any sleeping bums or other obstructions he could trip over as he is being guided to his destination. In 2003, we reported on a that led the…

Scientists Build Portable Life-Signs Detector: Tricorder 1.0

A team of US and UK scientists have invented a portable scanner that may be useful in the hunt for life on Mars. And it sounds a whole lot like a Star Trek tricorder: it uses a beam of ultraviolet laser light and detects fluorescence from organic molecules, so it works remotely and doesn't damage samples. Under… » 6/24/08 9:15am 6/24/08 9:15am

Portable Ghost Radar

It doesn't matter if ghosts are real or not, where there is speculation, there are products and potential to make money. It works really quite simply considering how complex of an issue ghost detection is. If there is a ghost in the area, the button lights up, easy as pie. This device is available for $18, which is a… » 4/27/06 5:25pm 4/27/06 5:25pm

Automatic Blood-Toxin Detection

A pair of scientists from the University of California at Santa Barbara and two high school students have developed a sensor that can detect cocaine in the bloodstream along with other biotoxins. The sensor can be built into portable devices and can perform the entire detection process real-time in just a few minutes.… » 3/01/06 2:21pm 3/01/06 2:21pm