The Tablet That Every Linux Lover Has Been Waiting For

While most people just want their devices to work so that they can do stuff, some people love tinkering with operating systems. Until now, the tablet sector's been ripe for hacking, but there hasn't been anything that's truly open-source and easy to fiddle with from the get-go. This Spark tablet puts that straight. » 2/01/12 6:02am 2/01/12 6:02am

Facebook's iPad App Is Done According to Former Developer—They Just Won't Release It (Updated)

We've been waiting for the Facebook iPad app for a little while now, especially since TechCrunch's preview this past summer. In fact, it was done by then, says former Facebook developer Jeff Verkoeyen. The only thing that kept it from us was politics between Facebook and Apple. » 9/26/11 3:14pm 9/26/11 3:14pm