The Internet Is Rigged

It was the inherent beauty of the web. I had access to the same tools and the same publish button as any big time brand. As an indie player, this was incredibly powerful, and in many ways, that leveling of the creative playing field was what got so many of us so excited about this joint in the first place. » 3/11/15 1:33pm 3/11/15 1:33pm

The US Cities That Allow the Tiniest Apartments (Not Where You'd Think)

The development of micro-housing—apartments and other dwellings smaller than 300 square feet—is a growing trend in many popular cities cramped for space. But where in the country can you find the teeniest examples of this trend? Maybe not the cities you'd first guess. » 10/21/14 12:45pm 10/21/14 12:45pm

New HTML Is About To Make Your Phone Way Better at Using the Internet

Developers, Developers, Developers...

» 5/03/14 10:39am 5/03/14 10:39am

"Code Babes" Is Everything Wrong With Tech Culture—Plus Strippers

The internet is buzzing right now with the latest, greatest (and potentially fake) Worst Thing Ever. Meet Code Babes, the stripping amalgam of everything that's wrong with tech culture today. » 4/25/14 1:02pm 4/25/14 1:02pm

How Computers Create Convincing Light and Shade in Graphics

Creating rich, lush computer-generated images is no mean feat, and one of the most fundamental aspects is light and shade. This video explains how programmers and designers tackle that crucial problem. » 1/13/14 5:10am 1/13/14 5:10am

Apple OS X Mavericks Gold Master Is Out

The Gold Master version of OS X Mavericks is now available for developers. That means that OS X Mavericks has reached the final build and is ready to go to customers. What we see in this build will be exactly what everyone sees when they upgrade to Mavericks. » 10/03/13 11:50pm 10/03/13 11:50pm

The Surest Sign Yet That Apple TV Will Be a Gaming Console

This week, Apple released its first-ever instructions for designing and developing a game controller for use with Apple products. The evidence suggests that Apple is gearing up take gaming beyond the confines of its products. It's going to condone console-style game development. And today's game controller for iOS 7… » 6/13/13 3:56pm 6/13/13 3:56pm

Google I/O: What's New in Android, Chrome, and Beyond

Well, it's here at last, Google's annual orgy for developers and fanboys alike. Rumors have been flying, but we're about to find out what's what for real. » 5/15/13 12:01pm 5/15/13 12:01pm

How Developers Coded in 1985

Programmer John Graham-Cumming tells a fascinating story about what coding like was back in 1985. Unlike today's programmers who wear hoodies, down energy drinks and use a paper thin computer, programmers in 1985 had to code by hand... with actual paper. » 4/29/13 9:00pm 4/29/13 9:00pm

There Is Blatant Racist and Sexist Language Hiding in Open Source Code

GitHub is an exceptionally popular open-source community where any developer can find code for pretty much anything. But there's a problem—some of that code contains extremely offensive racist, sexist, and homophobic, language. » 2/01/13 11:16am 2/01/13 11:16am

It's all the more disturbing because this blatant prejudice hides behind the…

Developer Sacked for Outsourcing His Entire Job to China

The truly lazy are often the most creative. Like this developer, who was caught outsourcing his entire job to China so that he could spend his time at work... not working. » 1/16/13 7:19am 1/16/13 7:19am

This Is Why RIM Is Going Down

Did you really need to make this video, Research In Motion? Do you think your developers will love you more because of spending I don't know how many hours in making this... this... I don't know what this is. » 9/25/12 12:36pm 9/25/12 12:36pm

AT&T Opens Up Watson Speech-Recognition Software API to App Developers

In a blog post today, AT&T SVP for technology and network operations John Donovan made the official announcement that the API for Watson (the company's proprietary voice-recognition software that transcribes spoken words into text) are now open to and available for app developers to access. » 7/09/12 10:40pm 7/09/12 10:40pm

Why iOS Apps Look Better Than Android Apps

You might think app design is app design, whether the software is being developed for iOS or Android. But, in fact, creating highly polished, elegant-looking apps is simply easier to do when developing for iOS. That's the prevailing conventional wisdom among developers who code for both platforms. » 4/30/12 1:20pm 4/30/12 1:20pm

Developers Can Finally Get Their Mitts on the Google + API

The Google+ API is now available for developers. This initial release focuses on public data (smart, from a privacy standpoint). This means we'll soon start seeing deeper Google+ integration in apps and websites. Awesome, and good timing. [Google+ Blog] » 9/15/11 3:11pm 9/15/11 3:11pm

Windows 8 Developer Preview Now Available For Download

Microsoft just opened the floodgates for its Windows 8 Developer Preview. Navigate here and start your download before the servers get overloaded. While you wait, check out our earlier coverage of Windows 8 and the first slate. [Windows Dev Center] » 9/13/11 8:43pm 9/13/11 8:43pm

Microsoft Opens Up About Windows 8 On New Dev Blog

Wanting the inside track on the next iteration of Windows, which is expected next year? Microsoft's launched a new blog written by the engineering team, and while they don't give away too much yet, there are some aspirational words: » 8/16/11 4:00am 8/16/11 4:00am