One Laptop Per Child Isn't Quite Dead Yet

Fans of the One Laptop Per Child program were shocked and saddened to hear of the organization's imminent demise this week. There's only one problem: OLPC isn't actually dead. Despite what some blogs are reporting, the organization is alive and well… just not as alive and well as it once was. » 3/11/14 6:32pm 3/11/14 6:32pm

Bill Gates Wants to Build a Better Toilet

Bill Gates, nowadays basking in the accolades his philanthropy provides, noticed that toilets kind of suck in the developing world. Wanting to help stop the spread of communicable diseases, he's ready to put down $41.5 million for potty advancements. » 7/20/11 4:20pm 7/20/11 4:20pm

The Most Popular Phone in the World

Nokia has problems. Smartphone problems. Software problems. American problems. But to fully understand what's wrong, we've got to understand what's been right, or to put in another way, what's distracted Nokia. Meet the most popular phone in the world. » 10/19/10 1:40pm 10/19/10 1:40pm

From Around the World - Cheap PCs

You'd think we'd be at the point, by now, that a PC comes in a box of Cracker Jack, but that is not to be. Instead, the majority of the developing world has to depend on cellphones, or rural cyber cafes, to maintain a connection to the increasingly important data and tools that we take for granted. Well, here is a… » 11/03/05 10:38am 11/03/05 10:38am