'The Device' - All-In-One Beer Making Machine

'The Device' is the world's first all-in-one beer making machine. Just add the right ingredients, press the right buttons, twist the right valves and after two weeks you'll have gallons of the amber nectar. I make use of another invention that provides me with beer, with even less hassle - it's called a bar. Check out… » 8/28/07 11:45am 8/28/07 11:45am

Windows Mobile Device Center Goes Final - Bye Bye ActiveSync

Folks with Windows Mobile or Windows CE-based PDAs have a love/hate relationship with ActiveSync. They hate it, and they also love to hate it. Microsoft's new Windows Mobile Device Center for Vista is supposed to make syncing feel a bit less like a kick in the nards and a bit more like an gentle brush. » 2/01/07 7:00pm 2/01/07 7:00pm