Vibrators Don't Have to Look Like Giant Cocks Anymore

A vibrator’s basic job is really quite simple, so long as you’re using it as a sex toy instead of unclenching a charley horse or working out some lower back pain. Vibrators are supposed to rapidly stimulate sexually sensitive sensory neurons. That’s it. They could look like anything. But until recently, they often… » 8/04/15 5:14pm 8/04/15 5:14pm

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Desktop 7000 Uses 2.4GHz Tech

Take the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000, cut the cable, throw in a Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 and then add 2.4GHz wireless connectivity to both, and you have the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Desktop 7000. If you like that gullwing design of the keyboard, this might just be a perfect fit for you. » 6/19/07 7:36am 6/19/07 7:36am